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Our family likes to say, “Life is a Dailey Adventure.” And thus in my work, I believe “Design is a Dailey Adventure.”

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I’ve been in interior design for nearly 30 years. I was the kid who was up in the middle of the night, moving furniture around my room. My Dad was the first to suggest I do interior design for a living. He said, “Have you ever thought about becoming an interior designer?” And I thought, “What?! That can be a career?!”

After I completed my undergraduate rather than heading into something less creative, I decided to follow my true passion. I went back to Interior Design school in Minneapolis and had a successful design career there for more than 10 years. I worked for a luxury custom builder and learned all about new home design, remodel planning and renovations.

After my daughter was born, I returned to my roots, coming back to South Dakota. I wanted to be closer to family. At that time, there really were no interior designers in my area. I was having so many friends and family hire me to do their projects from a distance, so instead of continuing to run back and forth, I brought my big city living back home.

Interior Design Mitchell

I love living in beautiful, wide-open, casual South Dakota and I know why so many people want to make this a place to call home. With less traffic and more space, you gain more time in the day to enjoy your life. In fact, in our life, my husband and I are in the process of blending our homes. We have a his, a hers, an ours, and it’s time to bring two of them together!! Between us we have 3 children, 7 dogs, a cat (and I’m working on the herd of Scottish Highlanders!) I’m outdoorsy and my husband is an avid hunter. We love to enjoy nature in all ways. We hike, climb, garden, cook, and spend time on the lake.

Most of all, I love creating beautiful homes that are done well, yet still down to earth. I believe feeling good in your environment sends you out into the world confidently, welcomes you back in at the end of the day and revives you in your place of play. A well-loved home provides a place to create memories to share with your family and friends.

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