Project Exploration

Author: Anne Dailey Design Interiors |

Pricing Depends on your Location

Let's face it, you need to know what your project is going to cost. Without knowing this it is hard to move forward. So, let’s figure it out! I’ll dive into your project enough to quickly develop a realistic, thorough design direction. This will help you get all the necessary information you need in terms of cost. We feel handling this piece on the frontend of our relationship with you is critical to being the best design partner you can have. First and foremost, we want to help you make informed & intelligent decisions about how to invest your money. Our system for defining the scope of your project, organizing the big picture, and defining costs helps you make the best decision for moving forward. We'll have a successful plan mapped out and can proceed from there with the only surprise being how much you enjoy it! When you are ready to proceed, because we will have made some serious headway, this fee will be credited toward your full project design fees.

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