Day trips with Your Designer

Author: Anne Dailey Design Interiors |

. . . Let's Power Shop! Pricing Depends on your Location

Scheduling a few design collaboration appointments provide nice chunks of time to roll up our sleeves and make some tangible progress together. After first learning about your “Design Laundry List” We can meet in your home, at my studio or anywhere that is most helpful in assisting you to make some quick headway in your project. The possibilities of what we can cover is endless! I include design direction and provide consulting while also getting down to work. In existing spaces this could include re-arranging furniture, re-positioning artwork, reviewing and researching items you have gathered together for purchasing, and creating your Design To Do List. For new construction, I can review plans and provide thorough design suggestions for you to share with your builder. I can select and source finishes, materials, and fixtures for you or leave you with the list to purchase on your own. I’ll set you up to complete the remainder of your project on your own.

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