4 Benefits of Having an Interior Designer on Your Construction Team for New Homes and Remodels

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One of our core values is collaboration. We love collaborating with homeowners, developers, builders, and general contractors. We realize it takes a village to build or remodel a home, and with an interior designer on your team, we can ensure the design gets implemented in the most timely manner possible.

With an interior designer working alongside the client, the installers, the developer & the builder, all the aesthetic details get handled by us as the point guard. We hold the customer’s hand and guide them through the lengthy decision-making and selection process, and helping the plethora of decisions seem less overwhelming.  And when those decisions are made in a timely manner, we can end up assisting in keeping schedules on track.

Here are four major benefits of having an interior designer on your team for new home builds and remodels:



BENEFIT #1: Handling the Aesthetic Details

If you are a developer, builder, or remodeling company, we can take care of all the visual details and even assist with sourcing materials. If you want someone to help manage the demo list, we can ensure everything that needs to go is out of the way before you get there. Mainly, it's the materials, finishes, fixtures, and furnishings that we take care of, so you don't have to bother with them. This can include: house plans, floor plans, kitchen & bath design, cabinetry plans, hardware selections, flooring, plumbing fixtures, surfaces, light fixtures, millwork and doors, which can be demonstrated with digital renderings. Even procurement can be handled so you don't have so many things beyond your structure to chase. All can be ready and waiting.



BENEFIT #2: Clear Communication and Effective Decision Making

Often a big roadblock in building and remodeling can be miscommunication and lack of clarity between all the players involved. We ensure all construction and remodel plans are clearly communicated between home owners, general contractors and the build/remodel team, minimizing error. Our team is well versed in all aspects of construction decision-making. Our New Home & Remodeling Planning Process walks homeowners step-by-step through all necessary decisions, in order of importance, to be prepared prior to construction and also, to keep construction in motion. If something does happen to go wrong in the construction phase, we’re immediately on it to resolve issues and find solutions whether it be last minute design changes of mind or unavailable products.



BENEFIT #3: Implementing the Design

When the interior designer is included in the project, everyone can rest assured there will be no misinterpretations of the design concepts that are agreed to best for the client’s new space. Even with any unforeseen changes, we ensure the vision is still achieved.  A home build or remodel without our unique skill set and inherent knowledge of the design concept, doesn’t protect the project from decisions that could compromise the entire space might be made. Our team ensures the design of the dream home comes to life in the way that best suits the clients.



BENEFIT #4: Staying on Schedule

We are experts in coaching homeowners along the way, managing their expectations, minimizing their stress, and helping them step back to watch the builders do their magic. We partner with both the homeowners and the builders— by assisting with communication, allowing the project to run on an efficient project schedule. We are here to assist every part of the team in creating an experience any homeowner will brag about!

We're excited to partner with homeowners, developers, builders, remodeling companies, and general contractors. If you're ready to build the home of your dreams, I'd love to talk with you. Or if you know of a friend or a team in need of an interior designer, send them my way!

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