A Few Ways To Overcome Challenges And Help Your Project Schedule Stay On Track

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One of the main goals of project management is to ensure that the project stays and finishes on schedule. Time, money, and energy are all at stake if a project goes over its intended timeline. How, exactly, do you ensure that a project stays on schedule? It’s all about planning. As experts in the field, Anne Dailey Design Interiors, Inc wants to help homeowners that are building a new home or renovating an existing home. This is why we have mentioned a few problems homeowners face and how they can deal with them to keep their project schedule on track. 

New construction and remodeling project delays 

Scheduling delays are normal, and recently in our industry, with struggles of product availability and contractor overbooking, delays are much more expected and long-lasting than they used to be. Now how do you deal with these delays? By staying ahead of decisions and in touch with your contractors. Make sure you do all of your planning and deciding ahead of time so that when your contractor is ready to begin, you are ready for them and do not have any major items unanswered which can hold them back further. Make sure you know your contractor’s potential starting date for your project, and make sure to have everything they need before they begin. Additionally, stay in touch with your contractor on a regular basis. Their schedules shift regularly, and this will help them keep you in the loop and also remind them that you are still counting on them.

Hiring trustworthy subcontractors

Allow your contractor to be in charge. Oftentimes homeowners will think they are saving themselves money by managing or offering to manage their own projects. In the end, it generally does not save money and, in fact, can cost time which in the end costs money. Professional contractors spend their work life not only building structures but also overseeing and managing many different subcontractors and mechanical contractors. They specialize in their part of the project and also have a broad-based knowledge of the many other areas involved. They know how long things should take and what quality workmanship looks like. Let them handle all of this for you. They have long-standing working relationships with the subcontractors they work most often with. Your project will go more smoothly when they can select the subcontractors they see fit best for your project. Let them be your point of contact and allow them to have all contractors answer to them. This way, there is no question as to who is running the project, and things will go more smoothly. This will also reduce unnecessary business and stress for the homeowner.

There is so much work for these contractors as they have a lot of projects to choose from

Decide and order as early as possible. If you are committed to your project, make your decisions and choices before major work begins and order as soon as possible. Product availability, order backlogs, workforce gaps, and trucking shortages are a few of the major things creating timelines that are much longer than in the past. Order anything that can be ordered before the project begins, make sure to have some kind of storage arrangement available, and allow it to sit and wait long with you if it needs to. In construction, many items can normally take 4-6 weeks which, if ordered in sequences as needed, often does not cause any delays. This is currently not the case. With all of the modern challenges being in play, timelines can be closer to 12-16 weeks and sometimes even months for large items such as windows, doors, and cabinets. You do not want to make your contractor wait for any items. When a contractor has to pull out of a project due to items not being available, a domino effect occurs, subcontractors get bumped too, and they have to fill in the gaps with other projects. This can set your project back much further than the simple product wait. Plan early, decide early, and commit to your contractor or choice. Once you commit, place orders early and then hurry up and settle in to wait for your contractor of choice, it will be worth it. Ask if you can make a deposit to secure your spot in their project lineup.

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