The Advantages of Virtual Drafting Technology for Home Design

Author: Anne Dailey Design Interiors | | Categories: Custom Home Design , Interior Design , virtual drafting technology

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What an accomplishment to have reached a point in life where you can build a new house or the vacation home of your dreams! One of my favorite things to do is to work with you to design custom home plans.

You might have an idea in your head of what you want, but maybe it’s hard to visualize all the pieces coming together. Or maybe, visualizing the home in general is hard. That’s where virtual drafting technology comes in handy.

Check out this video we created for a client using virtual drafting technology:


Pretty amazing, right? The top advantage of having virtual drafting technology as a tool is you get to see your custom home design plans from an (almost) real life point-of-view. This is especially helpful if you’re one of those who has a hard time visualizing.

The beauty of virtual drafting technology is it allows you to study different styles and perspectives. When we put together your plans, we can begin with as little as the wishes you have on your dream list and the tidbits you've gathered. Maybe there are some plans you've been studying that you want to customize.

My team and I tailor the plans to exactly your liking in a way that best fits your lot. Then, we can use virtual drafting technology to see how it will all come together. This helps you visualize your dream home and make changes, before spending a dollar on construction.

We can take your floor plan and preferences and create a video like the one above, even swapping in various options, so you can get a gut hit on what looks and feels best to you. Sometimes, you need to see it all come together to know what exactly you want.

If this is something you'd be interested in, my team and I would enjoy supporting you in your custom home design. Once we create a plan, we can use this virtual drafting technology to help you visualize exactly what your dream home will look like.

From there, we can stay on board to walk you through the rest of the new construction design phases, helping you make the myriad of necessary decisions. We can be your trusted construction consultant. I love working with you from start to finish—and this new technology makes the entire process extra rewarding! Even as your home is being built, you can refer back to your video, and let it remind you of the dream home you're on your way to enjoying soon.

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