Common Mistakes People Make When Remodeling Their Interiors

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Interiors form a big part of our house as it reflects our personality. Interior decorators help in executing your vision that best describes your aesthetics. Getting everything in place to tiny details can be a demanding task, and interior designers can greatly help save your time and energy.

Sometimes our vision is not executable, for it is usually impractical. A few years later, when our aesthetic sense changes, we do not like our initial decision. A professional can guide you through such decisions that will impact your many interior years from now.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove costly, Anne Dailey Design Interiors, Inc. has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when remodeling their interiors.

1. Not planning the details out in the beginning
Most people do not give proper time to planning the project and usually base their decision on the arrival of an event or the last-minute availability of a contractor. Contractors are experienced in getting the work right. However, you need to be clear about what you want and take enough time to plan things out. Your home’s value greatly depends on how you plan to remodel it, so don’t rush. We believe that time is a gift at Design Interiors Inc., especially in preparation. Get in touch with a designer as soon as possible, preferably right after you decide to get your home remodeled. When guided by a professional, early planning offers time for research, fully determining your needs, making the best decisions from all available possibilities, and revision time.

2. Not having adequate information about the costs involved
A lumber yard or builder will prepare an estimate, but they may not be up to date on the prices of products they don’t handle, such as flooring and cabinetry. When a homeowner rushes into a project without understanding that item allowances are too low, the price hikes are disappointing. Having a professional design partner means checking the bids and documentation to ensure that everything is included and sufficient, will save a lot of headaches in the long run and ensure that the project is completed when you have enough finances. In the end, it will eliminate financial surprises.

3. Attempting to manage the project on their own
Thinking that not having a project manager will save money is not a great idea. It can cost you more. There are many details involved that homeowners may miss. Hiring a design and construction team that handles this will save money, keep the work flowing smoothly and keep the project on track. 

4. Not making decisions in a timely manner
Leaving selections and decisions unmade until the last minute can regularly result in material receiving delays or lack of item availability altogether. When this happens, poor choices are made to meet the deadline, or the project is put on hold. Substitutions made at the last minute can be disappointing. Worse, putting a project on hold for any reason has a domino effect, where each subcontractor who is bumped causes the others to be bumped even more. This can push a project’s completion date back by weeks or even months. Interior designers have well-defined protocols for ensuring that all components are chosen and specified in the order of significance for the project and that all choices and decisions are conveyed to all subcontractors engaged as early as possible.

5. Supplying all of the products through online sourcing
Interior renovation projects require a long list of things and resources. Trying to organize a project by ordering things from numerous sources can be a full-time job. Keeping track of everything might become a management nightmare. Many internet vendors may not have up-to-date availability information, bear no responsibility for the shipment, and have lengthy replacement, return, or repair processes. Choosing a full-service interior design firm with processes in place to manage all procurement requirements and track and receive all orders will ensure that the project runs smoothly, feels straightforward on your part, and is even pleasant!

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Anne Dailey Design Interiors, Inc.

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